​Throughout my career, and going back to my youth, I have worn two hats in all my jobs - technical and sales.  Having spent the last 25+ years in ad-tech, I have grown businesses by following the tenet that each complements the other.  Knowing what the client wants lets me build great systems, and knowing how systems are built lets me sell the right solution.

Here's the "highlight reel" ...

  • Principal architect and developer of Mediaocean OX Network, the system that now manages 50+% of all US network buying.  Every single client was a reference account.
  • Principal architect and developer of comScore's BI user interface.  This innovation has consistently reduced prototype time from weeks to hours, and deployment from months to days.
  • Product manager for first-ever integration of an alternate demo source into the country's largest agency buying platform.
  • Principal architect and developer of the research industry's first cross-platform BI app, integrating Linear TV, DVR and VOD.
  • Sales director of a software company as we grew revenues 6x and profits 10x.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the first-ever electronic cable deals (TECC), now the industry standard.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the first-ever electronic traffic delivery.  Updates are instant; errors are eliminated.
  • Lead AE for a small company seeking to retain it's anchor account.  They did.

RLA was formed to assist ad-tech companies throughout the advertising technology field.  Core competencies include system design, development (programming), deployment, analytics, conversions, data integration, data validation, and, of course, sales.  I get the big picture, and I love the details.

Please consider ways that I can help you.

Ron Levy